Hair Coloring

Considering a completely new style is one thing but how else can you add zing to your locks?

Hair ColoringWhen you’re looking to make a style change and to spice up your life, changing your hair color is perfect. Changing your hair color can be anything from semi-permanent hair color to subtle highlights.

At “The Roffler Shop” our creative design team works with you to help you determine the perfect look for your hair, from style to color, to ensure you’re looking your best. We will also make sure that you’re in the right pair of professional hands.

Our Hair Coloring Services are some of our most popular services in our salons and giving our guests a top-notch professional experience is something we pride ourselves on.

To meet your hair color needs, a free hair color consultation from our professional stylists is essential and will come prior to us working our magic on that day. This offer is completely free and our stylist will work with you one-on-one to work out exactly what you want. It happens to the best of us. A cheap, semi-permanent hair color can leave you in distress when it doesn’t turn out quite the way you expected. Don’t worry. Our experienced hair color artists will work with you to restore your hair to the color that perfectly complements your skin tone and personality. Our hair color removal service is carried out with the utmost of care to ensure already fragile hair is not further damaged.

Each of our designers is assigned a title that reflects his level of skill, experience and achievements. This allows you to choose a stylist whose expertise fits your needs and budget. All of our stylists are tested extensively before joining our team, this is to ensure that their abilities meet or high expectations. Every one of them had to meet a high level of proficiency before we took them on. Many of them began their careers with us as salon assistants and advanced by training with our Master and Director level specialists.

All designers at our salons are personally trained by our Artistic Directors to make sure we deliver outstanding service. Lighten and brighten with natural-looking highlights. Add warm, rich shine. Cover up or blend in your grey. Correct color disasters. Trust our color experts to create the perfect color to match your natural features and personality. We are proud users of the world’s finest hair color products. All color treatments include shampoo and conditioning. Highlights also include blow-dry styling. We’d love for you to stop by and check us out. We love pampering people and helping them achieve satisfaction in their life’s beauty ritual. With an upscale environment and local pricing—we’re confident you’ll love coming to our salon and will want to come again.

We use Ammonia free hair colors as well as natural source of color like “Henna”.

Henna is a natural plant, it offers the benefit of both conditioning and coloring your hair in a safe and natural way. This is often a great option for those who are pregnant, nursing, allergic to traditional chemical color products, or have health problems and are concerned about chemical exposure.

Contact us today at (256) 237-5801 to schedule an appointment for hair color or hair color removal.

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