Female Hair Loss

Female Hair Loss: Ladies, Are You Suffering from This?

Over 21 million women living in the United States suffer hair loss, according to August 2016 Statistic Brain research. Most of them are not using any female hair loss treatment.  Only a few are aware of the existing hair loss treatments. They could have avoided hair loss in almost every case. Once it’s starts, it can be stopped and new hair growth can be stimulated.

Female pattern hair loss is similar to the more common “male pattern hair loss” suffered by even more men. For women, it is caused by an increasing amount of a chemical called DHT. This typically occurs around the age of menopause. Women usually suffer from thinning hair around the forehead and crown of their scalp, and not a complete baldness as seen in men.


Female Hair Loss TreatmentsSeveral treatments are available for female hair loss of this kind:

Natural Treatments. Advecia and Revivogen are two, among several, natural products producing good results for female hair loss. These products consist of hair growth herbs, vitamins and minerals. Because they are natural, they produce no side effects.

Chemical Treatments. There are only two treatments currently approved by the FDA. The first is finasteride. The second is minoxidil. Finasteride (aka Propecia) can only be accessed by prescription; therefore, we will not cover it here.

Rogaine (minoxidil) is the most popular hair loss product for women. Minoxidil was first used in tablet form as a medicine to treat high blood pressure. The side effect of its use was excessive hair growth. Moreover, research showed an application of the solution directly to the scalp also stimulated growth. Minoxidil is a DHT inhibitor.

Laser Treatments. Laser treatments are currently available in two forms. The first treatment method is a laser brush. A ball cap, made by Capillus, is the second treatment method. The FDA has approved both forms of laser treatment. Laser treatments are hip and popular these days, however, there’s a downside. Treatments are expensive. Results come slowly and are often marginal at best.

Temporary Hair Loss

Another type of female hair loss is a temporary loss. A number of reasons may be the cause for temporary hair loss among women. Some of those reasons are:

  • Severe stress.
  • Chemotherapy.
  • High fever.
  • Infections.
  • Metabolic problems during pregnancy.

If you experience hair loss due to one these reasons, check with your doctor immediately. Rectifying the reason for hair loss will more than likely result in hair re-growth.

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Check With Your Hair Care Specialist

Make sure you check with your professional hair care specialist with regard to female hair loss. They may notice your hair thinning more rapidly than it should since they are seeing you on a regular basis.

Continue to shampoo, condition and moisturize your hair with your hair care professional’s advice. Moreover, to keep your hair healthy, you should maintain a healthy diet.

If you start losing your hair, don’t ignore it. Since it’s treatable, do something about it in order to fix the problem right away. Don’t put it off. Take care of the problem immediately.


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