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The Roffler Shop is a full service, family hair styling salon. Although we cater to a wide and diversified audience in Calhoun County, we neither slack or slouch when it comes to providing the best hair health tips. You want your hair to look great. So do we!

Coloring, shampoos, permanents, maintenance cuts, hair straightening… we do it all.

We are attentive to your styling desires. Nevertheless, our training has proven time and again that we are hair care professionals who can offer assistance to any client who wants an honest opinion on their hair-do ado.

We keep current with an eye on the latest hair styling trends and can help you choose the right style for you and let you know what’s hot and what’s not.

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While you’re waiting for your appointment, here are some quick tips from our Roffler hair care professionals:

Many women (and even many men, more than would admit it) attempt to keep their coiffure in order when it comes to primping and preening. It’s as if they were training for an Olympic event. Yet, they are far from winning a medal, for all their efforts. The number one reason for bad hair days, from bed head to hat head is because most people suffer from poor hair hygiene.

Do you want healthier hair that shines? We suggest these hair health tips:

Get Some Power When You Shower

  1. Get Organic. Most discount store shampoos contain astringent cleaners. These astringents can damage your hair. Use products made from natural ingredients because they are less likely to rob your hair of essential oils and nutrients.
  2. Get the Details: Most people never read the instructions on the hair care products they purchase. Make your product work for you. Read the instructions and follow them. You’ll receive greater benefit from emulsifying shampoo or conditioner in your hands prior to application; and when you apply your shampoo or conditioner, massage it into the roots, crown, then finally, down the sides of your hair shaft.
  3. Get Streamlined. Remember the old saying: “Less is more.” Don’t over-wash your hair. Although a daily shampoo may make you feel like your hair is squeaky clean, it really isn’t. Daily cleaning may actually be more damaging to your hair. Instead, wash your hair every other day, or better yet, only two or three times per week. On days that you don’t wash your hair, simply rinse with water and apply conditioner as needed, mainly at the ends.
  4. Go Deep. Deep condition a hairdo which has been heat-treated or colored at least once every week. If your hair is extremely damaged, use a concentrated hair mask in place of daily conditioner.

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