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Perfect Hair Style for You

Perfect Hair Style from the Roffler ShopThe perfect hair style is nothing to take lightly. Choosing the right one is often elusive. Quite often, it’s downright frustrating for most women.

A gorgeous cut is undermined quite often by a woman too busy to style it properly. It happens. We live in a fast paced world today.

Sometimes a hair style is chosen because of how great it looks on someone else. Sadly, it may end up looking pathetic on the woman wishing to mimic the style. There are many factors for this. For example, hair type and texture may be the exact opposite needed to wear the style beautifully.

Not everyone is destined to suffer a hairstyle catastrophe. You don’t need trial and error. There’s no need to experience disaster after disaster. Your quest for the perfect hair style can be resolved by a little preplanning and consideration.


Ask yourself four basic questions before changing your style. You can remember them easily by the acronym LETTA. Think carefully before you “LETTA” hair style sit on your head.


How does this hair style flatter my face and body shape?

The biggest mistake women make is choosing a hair style which is unflattering to their features. Here are some examples. A round face will look even rounder with a swept back style. A little forward movement, however, will make a round face appear more balanced and oval. There you are. Soften the facial features and it’s the perfect hair style.

Tailor your hair to draw the eye to your most stunning features. Additionally, choose a style to detract from those features you’d rather hide.

Check with your hair care professional for which hair style may be perfect for you.


How much time and effort will I have to put into styling each morning?

Perfect Hair Style from the Roffler ShopIt’s a hectic world today. Who has time to style hair? These days, most ladies need a style which is easy to work with. Do you need a style requiring little prep and primp time in front of the mirror? Choose a style that is easy to work with and compliments your hair’s natural tendencies. Low maintenance is what you need. There you go. The perfect hair style.

Have you got time to get dolled up daily? Then you can choose a more elaborate style.

Type and Texture?

Will this style work with my hair’s type and texture or work against it?

Is your hair limp and straight? Don’t choose a heavily layered style unless you have time to use a curling iron or hot rollers every day.

Do you have extremely curly locks? Likewise, don’t choose a sleek, flat style if you can’t put in the effort to maintain it.

Choose a style which will work with your type and texture. No fuss. No muss. The perfect hair style will, thus, fall magically into place.


Will this style accommodate my lifestyle?

Do you wear your hair up for your job? Are you a tomboy who loves to throw on a ball cap? Do you like wearing a ponytail? Or perhaps, you like grabbing a bunch of wavy curls and bunching them up in a scrunchy.

Don’t choose a hair style without these considerations.

If you wear your hair up often, be sure to choose a style allowing you to do this when the mood or need strikes you.

The Choice is Yours

Perfect Hair Style from the Roffler ShopChoosing the perfect hair style really isn’t complicated. It can be if you let it. Just take a little time. Think about it. Consider your needs and wants.

Moreover, you’re not alone. Your hair care specialist at the Roffler Shop can help you with the decision which is right for you. And here’s the best part….

You won’t regret it once you get it.

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